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Chemical Name:Sodium Bicarbonate
Molecular: NaHCO3
CAS NO: 144-55-8
HS CODE: 28363000
Appearance: White crystal powder
Food grade certification: Iso22000, Halal, Kosher
ProjectStandardTest Result
Content(NaHCO3): %≥99.099.98
Loss on drying: %≤0.200.05
Clearness: Pass testconfirm
AmPass testconfirm
As: %≤0.00010.0001max
PB: %PB: %0.0005max
PH(10g/L) :≤8.58.02

Industrial Use:

①Textile and Leather Industry

One of the most prominent uses of sodium bicarbonate is the treatment of woolen and silk fabrics. The textile industry, extensively uses sodium bicarbonate for dyeing and printing operations. The leather industry also uses sodium bicarbonate as a neutralizer of dyeing agents in the tanning processes.

②Polymer Industry

One of the prominent uses of sodium bicarbonate as a catalyst and purifier in the manufacturing process of complex plastics and polymers.

③ Rubber and Plastic

As sodium bicarbonate releases carbon dioxide it is used as a blowing agent in the manufacturing process of rubber and plastics. The released carbon dioxide is controlled to effectively shape the objects made from rubber and plastic.

Household Uses


Sodium bicarbonate is used to bake delicious breads and cakes. The baking powders, contain a large quantity of sodium bicarbonate which is always accompanied by a small quantity of acid phosphate. During the baking process, some of the ingredients like phosphates, cream of tartar, lemon juice, buttermilk, cocoa, yogurt and vinegar react with sodium bicarbonate in the baking powder giving rise to a substantial amount of carbon dioxide which makes the cake or bread rise and become porous on the inside and fluffy and soft on the outside. Sodium bicarbonate can also be used to soften peas, during boiling.

②Cleaning Agent

Many household cleaning agents actually constitute sodium bicarbonate as a very important ingredient. Most of the cleansing compounds that are used for the removal of tarnish, tend to contain a small amount of sodium bicarbonate.