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Chemical Name:Sodium Metabisulfite
CAS NO: 7681-57-4
HS CODE: 28321000
Appearance: White or slightly yellow crystal powder
Whiteness: 85.2
Food grade certification: Iso22000, Halal, Kosher
ProjectTargetTest Result
Content(Na2S2O5): %≥9798.10
SO2: %≥65.066.56
Iron(Fe): %≤0.0020.0014
As: %≤0.00010.0001
Water Insoluble Matter: %≤0.020.01
PB: %≤0.00050.00048

Food grade:

1 Bleach agent(e.g. candies, cake, bamboo shoots , etc)

2 Loose agent(e.g. bread, cracker etc)

3 Antiseptic and germicide(e.g. fruit juice, tinned food brews, the cereals food is defended storage etc)

4 Inhibitor and freshen agent(e.g. day lily, seafood, fruit and vegetable etc)

Industrial grade:

1 Mordant of printing and dyeing

2 Dechlorinate of textile after bleaching

3 Sulphonated agent and reducer of chemical industry and pharmacy

4 Bleach of paper pulp, bamboo and timber bleach; Treatment agent of waste water

5 Rubber solidifying agent

6 Perfume industry is served as hydrocarbon perfume aldehyde

7 The hide profession employ to do to molt dose and pliable dose and wearproof dose

8 The sensitize industry is served as the developing agent reductant and the protection of fixing bath dose and so on; sewage treatment